About Men in Therapy


Frequently, men are reluctant to reach out to a therapist. But the reality is that no man improves the quality of his life alone. There are times when any man in a life transition may feel depressed or lost. A man who enters Dr. Adams' office finds himself respected for reaching out. He enters into a shame free process designed to increase his life satisfaction and personal happiness. 

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Ed Adams has treated hundreds of men and has facilitated over 1000 men's groups. He understands men and is understood by men. Therapy is often one-on-one but group therapy and, if appropriate, Men Mentoring Men are treatment options and supports.

Dr. Ed Adams:

          * Founded *Men Mentoring Men (M3), a non-profit men's support group (www.Mthree.org
          * Facilitated workshops, retreats, and seminars on issues related to men and masculinity
          * Wrote and illustrated a book entitled, On Becoming A Happier Man: A Man's Guide To Living A              Full And Meaningful Life

In addition, Dr. Adams has trained male and female therapists, wives, and partners to be aware of the unique needs of men. He was adjunct faculty at Rider University teaching a course entitled, Gender Issues in Clinical Counseling.

* Men Mentoring Men or M3
can be found at www.MenMentoringMen.org  The phone number is: (908) 707-0774.

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