Special Note:

Appointments with Dr. Adams are possible throughout this Coronavirus crisis. Office visits or sessions from you own private location are available using my secure tele-therapy site. ( Please call me at 908-707-8118 to make a few simple arrangements.


Please Remember: It's important to your physical health to attend to your emotional and relationship needs throughout this stressful and difficult time.


Dr. Ed Adams is co-authoring a book entitled, Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection. The book is published by Berrett-Koehler and is currently on pre-order on Amazon and book sellers everywhere. Masculinity Liberating Compassion Connection

Dr. Ed Adams was the 2018 President of Division 51-the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Adams placed an emphasis on compassion and self-compassion as an accepted trait within the many ways men express and live masculinity.

Dr. Ed Adams returned from Dubai in the Middle East. Dr. Ed was invited to speak about Men, Compassion and Self-Compassion at the First Middle East Psychological Association Convention in Dubai on April 27, 28, and 29th.of 2017.

Dr. Adams announces the publication of his book entitled, Becoming A Happier Man: A Man's Guide To Living A Full And Meaningful Life. Dr. Adams wrote and illustrated this simple yet elegant book. Becoming A Happier Man describes in words and images the ingredients contained in the lives of men who are happy and satisfied with the fullness of their life. The book is available for purchase. Please Click Here

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Today you are one step closer toward a positive shift in your life. A change where you feel empowered to move your life in a more satisfying direction. As a process oriented and interactive therapist, I offer the possibility to partner with you with a purpose... to lead a more fulfilling life.

We will accomplish this by working together to better understand the current challenges in your life and find effective ways to respond. Imagine that we will:

Understand who you are and the changes you hope to create

Identify your strengths

Define your issues

Create new possibilities

Develop effective strategies that lead to feeling more in control

Support your positive changes

Integrate the changes into your everyday life

Improve you important relationships

By applying effective therapeutic approaches and techniques in a shame-free environment, we will work together to shift negative patterns or perceptions that may be holding you back.

It's not the easiest thing you have ever done, but it may be the most important one.

If you're looking for emotional relief and a "thought partner" to help navigate a challenging situation or you're ready to move in a new direction in life, then I look forward to working with you. 

Call Dr. Ed Adams at (908) 707-8118 or send an email to set up a session today. When you call the office or send a message, please be sure to leave your complete contact information. Typically, I don't answer the phone during sessions, but I will return your call as soon as I can.

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